Our Vision

Educators are innovators.


It's OK to admit it. Information security is not an exciting subject. As educators, those of us in the security sector know we have a hard job ahead of us.

Security risk is not a new problem. For as long as there have been people, we have had a natural tendency to harm one another in the pursuit of our goals. From furthering political missions to gaining personal wealth.

What has changed however is the scale and speed at which we are now at risk. We have no choice but to mobilize entire companies and communities to protect ourselves and what we hold dear. That's no easy feat when historically our material is about as exciting as reading a tax return.

At SafeStack on Demand we don't shy away from this challenge.

We believe that security awareness training doesn't have to be a boring march towards completion.

We believe there is more to security education than clicking left.

We believe that the key to security awareness is not just technical skill and policy, but also self awareness and humility.

Our suite of materials, solutions and approaches are our attempt to try and change the way we do security awareness training. It's time we made security training more human and started to protect our people.


Laura Bell
Founder and Director


Defending our organisations  through collaboration, humility and self awareness. 

Defending our organisations through collaboration, humility and self awareness.