Case study

Securing small businesses with big missions


Smaller companies are often the target of financially motivated attacks such as Phishing and Whaling.
Getting on-board in just a few minutes, all team members can learn to spot the signs of risk and take appropriate actions to protect themselves and their company.


If you read how to guides for information security awareness they are almost always written for the enterprise. Organizations with thousands of staff, large budgets and specialists on the payroll. 

The reality is quite different.

The majority of businesses are classes as small. Whether that's because they are just starting out or filling a very specific niche, they often don't have the deep pockets and resources that their enterprise cousins embody.

Small business doesn't mean unimportant. Small businesses are crucial to our economies and sadly, are just as much at risk as everybody else.

With just 20 staff members distributed all over New Zealand, some of our smallest customers have big missions.

Often handling personally identifiable information (PII) on a day to day basis and trading globally, not just locally - these companies don't think size matters. We tend to agree.

Using SafeStack on Demand lets them prove their security awareness and practices to buyers as part of due diligence, reducing the risks and improving the chance of sale.

Additionally, by fostering information security practices quickly and from an early stage, the company is more equipped to face the security challenges of growth as they encounter them.