Non-profit life is full of risks, security is only one of them


Without non-profit organisations, countries like New Zealand would lose access to key community services. We rely heavily on these groups to help protect, guide and educate us.

Non-profit life is full of risks though. From the continuous strain of raising funds to the accountability for their actions, their mandate is valuable but challenging.

Despite their non-commercial focus there are still many security risks that face non-profit and charitable organisations. 

From those with political motivations that wish to discredit or disrupt the organisations mission, through to financial criminals looking to make an easy dollar, no organisation is immune.

SafeStack on Demand helps organisations with a number of non-profit missions meet their security requirements. From human rights to the prevention of family violence, everyone needs security awareness and we don't discriminate.

Affordable even on small budgets and able to scale quickly when the need arises, SafeStack on Demand provides a flexible solution to one of many risks these groups face.

For some this is all they will need, enough to protect their people, data and organisations during the day to day. Others need more specialist assistance to supplement the online courses. At SafeStack on Demand, providing this assistance is key to our mission.


Protecting our people, especially when they are helping others. SafeStack on Demand is easy to adopt and deliver in support of non-profit missions. Let us help your organisation, help the community.