Our Content,  Your LMS

If your organisation already has a Learning Management System (LMS), you may just need to find the right security awareness content to add to your training library.

SafeStack On Demand has a suite of SCORM packages available on lifetime or annual license schemes.

With options for annual updates, customization and branding, this is the perfect flexible option if you're already used to running internal online training.


SCORM Packages

SCORM is the industry standard for online learning and gives you the ability to simply drag and drop our modules into your existing catalog.

Each module has quizzes, games and audio content embedded to ensure your purchase is the complete package.

Customisation and Updates

Information security changes quickly. Out of date or irrelevent training materials can damage your training efforts.

SafeStack on Demand offers regular updates and customisations to make sure you and your organisation never fall behind.

AwarEness program development

Want to use SafeStack on Demand as part of a wider, more complicated security awareness program?

Our expert staff can help you define your goals, outline your training requirements and develop/deliver the training you need, for the risks your organization faces.