Hosted Security Training On Demand

Let SafeStack on Demand do the hard work for you.

For a small annual fee per student, we can provide a cloud based Learning Management System (LMS) for your organisation, populated with our world class training modules.

Take the stress out of providing online training with our scalable service. From 1-10 thousand students, we can have you up and learning in no time.


Single Sign on 

Make enrollment and staff management a breeze with Single Sign On (SSO) options such as Okta, Microsoft Active Directory and other SAML based authentication systems.

Your organization will enjoy the benefits of a custom branded portal and direct connection to your systems.

compliance and reporting ready

Compliance with international security standards such as PCI DSS and the ISO 27000 series doesn't need to be painful.

Our built in reporting means that you have the information you need at the push of a button, ready to satisfy auditors in no time.

quick setup, ready to go 

We don't like wasting time so why would we waste yours.

Small organisations can be up and training in 5 minutes!

With a ready made support system, on-call staff and years of experience, SafeStack on Demand is designed to make your security awareness needs easy to meet.

Example Pricing

price per person (NZD, excluding GST)

# people

$24.00 per year (equiv. $2.00 per month)

0 - 99

$20.40 per year (equiv. $1.70 per month)


$18.00 per year (equiv. $1.50 per month)


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